So, you want to notify the user via email or push notification or sms or whatsapp or whatever, after they did something on your website/app.


Install mad_notifications from using pip install mad_notifications


update your project’s and add

path('notifications/', include('mad_notifications.api.urls')),

Its installed now, what next?

Basic Usage

Call it where you want it.

from mad_notifications.shorthand import newNotification

return newNotification(
    user = get_user_model(id=SOME_ID), # django user object
    title = "Welcome to my website/app", # string
    content = "Thanks for join my website/app", # string

this will send an email to the user, where the title will be the subject and content will be the content.

Push Notification

So you want to send them a push notification now? Okay I got you.

Important: Make sure you have firebase already setup in your project.

From your mobile app, generate firebase device token, and post it to /notifications/devices/ this will automatically associate the device token with the user, based on the authorization headers.

Now when you send the notification, it will also send the push notification to that device.